How to Find a Comfortable Sofa

Finding a comfortable sofa is much more important than choosing a sofa based on looks alone. A sofa may look ultra cool and match your interior perfectly but if it is uncomfortable to sit on you may have wasted your money and regret your choice. The way sofas are manufactured and the materials and components used varies greatly amongst different models, some have ultra soft and deep seats that you sink into whilst others have firmer seat cushions. Some people prefer fabric sofas compared to leather sofas, what it really comes down to is personal choice. Here are a few tips which should help you find your perfect comfy sofa.

Try before you buy sofas

Its not always possible to try before you buy especially if you buy sofas online or from a catalogue. It is impossible to gauge the comfort of a sofa by looking at a picture alone. Many online retailers will also have a presence on the high street or offer some kind of try before you buy service, if the opportunity is there always take it, this can save the hassle of returning an uncomfortable suite.

Choose the right type of seat cushion / suspension

There are various different types of seat suspension, all offering different levels of comfort and support. The most basic seat set up is foam filled on a wooden base, these do not offer the level of support and comfort that can be found in sprung units and are known to sag over time as the foam compresses. Seats that incorporate a sprung base beneath a layer of foam have a better ability to spring back to their original shape and also offer better support. The best type of suspension system is pocket sprung. A series of springs housed in individual cloth pockets sit beneath a layer of usually a high density foam. Pocket springs are very supportive and also durable, pocket springs are usually associated with comfortable sofas.

Try a lumbar support

Lumbar supports are great for both comfort and an increased level of support for the lower back. A lumbar support is a moulded bump to the base of the back cushion that follows the contours of the back in line with the natural curvature of the spine. Lumbar supports are great for people with back problems and may prove to be a more comfortable sofa than one that has a flat back cushion.

Add scatter cushions

Scatter cushions are a cheap and easy way to help make a comfy sofa, positioning a cushion on your lower back can act as a lumbar support or placing one under your arm or head can help support your body and increase your level o0f comfort.

Shop around for your sofa and try as many different models as possible to ensureĀ  you find the best sofa to suit you, ultimately what you are looking for is a comfortable sofa that also looks the part.