Fabric Sofa Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of fabric sofas?

A fabric sofa is a very versatile item of furniture. One of the main benefits of fabric over leather is the endless numbers of finishes, colours and patterns that are available. Leather sofas are generally only available in a single solid colour so you may be a little limited in terms of interior design. Many people also find fabric sofas more suitable in both either warmer or cooler temperatures. Leather can feel cold against the skin in a cooler environment and also a little sticky in warmer weather. Temperature does not really effect fabric sofas in the same way.

 Are fabric sofas difficult to clean?

Against contrary belief fabric sofas aren’t difficult to clean and care for, they just require a different approach to a leather sofa. Everyday dirt and dust can be vacuumed off the surface on a regular basis and any spillages should be dealt with quickly to avoid liquids seeping into the fabric. Deeper or tougher stains can be removed using specialist cleaning products.  Fabric sofas can also be protected using products such as scotch guard, when applied these leave an invisible membrane on the surface of the sofa which makes them easier to clean and protects against spills and stains.

Some fabric sofas are also available with removable machine washable covers meaning you can clean your sofas to a very high standard without enlisting the help of a professional.

 What is the best type of fabric?

There are many different types of fabric available, all having their own characteristics and qualities.  There is no best type of fabric, it really depends on personal choice and which type suits you and your needs the best. Before parting with your money it is worth considering who will be using the sofas, what other item of furniture you have in the room etc. so that you can know which qualities to look for.

 Are fabric sofas durable?

Some fabric sofas can be very durable and some can be not so durable, it really depends on the construction and materials used in their manufacture. If you are looking for sofas that will last, as a minimum you should buy sofas with a reinforced hardwood frame and pocket sprung seat cushions, lower quality components will not last as long. Also be careful in your choice of fabric, raised fabrics such as cord type materials can wear quicker than flatter variants.

 Where is the best place to buy fabric sofas?

Whether you buy sofas online or on the high street it is always advisable to test the sofas out beforehand. Many online sofa retailers will have showrooms where you can view the sofas or offer a try before you buy service. It is always advisable to shop around to get the best range of choice and the best deal on your new fabric sofa.