Comparing Recliner Sofas

We’ve a great choice of leather recliner sofas in stock at the moment and in a variety of colours to suit most people. Our black leather recliners are proving to be the most popular colour with our dark brown recliners close behind. In the new year we’ll see a range of vibrant red leather recliners for those with a more adventurous streak and a rich cowhide leather recliner range.

Having recently extended our range of recliner sofas to include the Aberdeen and Dundee, we’ve built up a recliner collection which will hopefully appeal to more customers. We’re always looking to offer styles which our customers desire and we’ll be also be bringing new models in 2013 to suit the current trends.

Aberdeen recliner sofa

Our Aberdeen reclining sofa currently available as a brown, black and cream leather recliner features a one piece foot rest and contemporary oversized back cushion. The elongated head rest provides endless comfort and support for the head and shoulders. If you need that little bit of back support, the Aberdeen also gives modest lumber support to offer a comfortable seating position when sat for a long time.

A design feature of the Aberdeen recliner sofa is the large seating area which extends down to form the one piece footrest. When in its reclined position, the Aberdeen’s whole bottom section lifts which creates a very wide area in which to rest your feet. If you’re after even more comfort, the Aberdeen can recline into its third stage where the back section falls back while the entire frame shifts forwards without needing to leave space behind the sofa and the wall.

Dundee recliner sofa

The second new addition to our reclining sofa collection is our Dundee recliner. The main feature of our Dundee is the extensive stich lines on both the back cushions and seating area. A quilted back rest creates a comfy padded feel and oozes character which would take pride of place in the modern family home.

Again with a one piece foot rest, the Dundee reclining sofa extends its padded seat all the way down to the base of the sofa and is split between three pocket sprung seats. Both outside seats recline fully to create an almost horizontal position which is perfect if you’re after 40 winks and is controlled by two hinges either side of the sofa.

Both outside seats are slightly wider than the middle seat maximising seating space for the more heavily used sides. The Dundee reclining sofa is a great recliner overall with a high build quality which can be seen across all of our reclining suites.

Reclining sofa range

Our entire reclining sofa collection is designed and built to be long lasting and to withstand modern day family use. All of the recliners feature a metal construction to the base section which is guaranteed for 12 months and protects you against any manufacturing defect.