Its Official, Our Sofas Really Do Have the X Factor!

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We were asked recently by the Thames TV production team to supply sofas for the X Factor final show this year. It was our Sutton leather sofas which were chosen and were to be used in the judge’s dressing rooms. Our Sutton leather sofas feature contemporary chrome legs and clean box shape armrests and the production team saw this model in particular as having the ‘X’ factor.

The television show which has now just completed its 9th series was judged by Gary Barlow, Louie Walsh, and Nicole Scherzinger. We’re very happy in knowing that our sofas were used and hopefully the judges just like our customers found the sofas comfy to sit on.

Our fabric and leather sofas have been used for lots of different purposes and in lots of different environments. This is the first time our sofas will be appearing on a television programme and possibly seen on TV.

We’re very proud to have our sofas chosen for use on the X Factor and it’s very exciting to have helped out with one of the nation’s favourite shows.

james arthur x factor sutton leather sofas


Buying a Small Leather Sofa

Buying a small leather sofa may be the only choice for people with limited space and don’t have the option of purchasing a traditional 3 piece suite. Generally a small leather sofa will be in the form of a 2 seater. A compact sofa such as 2 seater leather sofa would be perfect for use in a small studio apartment or country cottage where a larger 3 seater sofa may be too bulky or be restrictive on space and movement around the living space, there are a few considerations to bear in mind when shopping around for a small leather sofa.

Will the sofa fit

If you are really restricted for space, carefully check all of the dimensions, in particular the width and the depth of the sofa. Not only should you ensure that the sofa will sit comfortably in the room without being overpowering, you should also make sure the sofa will actually fit through any doors and passageways. Returning sofas can be a hassle with costs for restocking and returning commonplace amongst sellers. Small leather sofas are often available with removable feet and backs rests, making them particularly suitable for tight deliveries and access ways.

Will the sofa be big enough

Even if you are specifically searching for a small sofa, you do not want to make a mistake of purchasing a model that is too small. If it is likely two people will be using the sofa at any one time there is no point in buying one on which you will feel cramped, if possible always try out a sofa beforehand with a friend to see ho it will feel when in use by two people. Failing this check the dimensions of the seating width and depth and then if possible compare to an existing sofa. The arm width on sofas does vary greatly between different models, if space is tight it would be worth considering a sofa that featured thinner arms therefore maximising the seating area. Sofas with big chunky arms are great if you have the space but if not they can limit the seating space on a smaller sofa. It may be an idea if you have the space to purchase a matching footstool, these can double up as an extra seat and can also feature an ottoman storage space, perfect for tidying away any clutter.

Will I be able to add matching sofas / Items at a later date?

If there is a chance you may like to add a further sofa or accessory such as a footstool to your existing sofa, it is worth checking at the point of sale the likelihood of matching items being available at a later date. Some outlets change their entire range every season whilst others keep the same range for a few years at a time. As  your lifestyle requirements change over time your furniture requirements may also change.

Buying a new sofa, even if it is a single two seater is a big investment so making sure you choose the right one for your home is crucial to avoid disappointment plan carefully by measuring up and shopping around and you can find the perfect small leather sofa.

Landlord furniture packs

Many rental property owners often turn to Landlord Furniture Packs as a way of saving time and money when furnishing new investments or re-furnishing existing properties. Developing and managing even a small portfolio of rental properties can be very time consuming as well as costly. There are many specialist companies who can offer a bespoke service whether it be  a couple of items of furniture they are supplying, a bed and sofa maybe all the way up to the other end of the scale whereby a whole property is furnished from top to bottom.

Whether you are furnishing a single small flat or a development of hundreds of properties there are many benefits of using landlord furniture packs.

Time saving

Rather than shopping around and acquiring different items of furniture from a number of different suppliers and outlets, a furniture pack for landlords arrangement means that all furniture is sourced from generally one or two specialist sources. All items are in most cases delivered at the same time meaning you are not having to wait around for all of your furniture to arrive. Dealing with one or two suppliers is also a lot easier to manage in the long run. If you have to meet a strict deadline a landlord furniture pack could be a blessing.

Best price

Furniture pack providers can also offer better rates for buying a large range of items in bulk. They will also have good relationships with a wide range of furniture wholesalers ensuring that they too get a good price. In general, the more you buy the better bargaining power you have to get the best possible price.

Installation service

Most landlord furniture pack service providers will also offer a complete installation service if required including such aspects as, unpacking furniture and removal of packaging, putting together flat packed furniture and disposal of old items of furniture.

Impartial Advice

Landlord furniture suppliers can be a great source of information and advice. Furnishing properties on a day to day basis they can often provide expert guidance as to what type of furniture would be best suited to a particular property for the available budget that you have.

Finding a landlord furniture pack supplier

A simple internet search should point you in the direction of a large number of furniture pack providers. It is advisable to shop around to get the best deal, this is usually undertaken by way of a tender process, whereby a document is produced detailing the products required along with timescales and other services required it is then the suppliers responsibility to provide a best price. This process is most advisable if it is the first time using a landlord furniture pack supplier as without prior knowledge you can find there is a great variance in price amongst different suppliers. It is also good practice if contacting a new supplier to ask for references of other clients and details of previous jobs to ascertain whether they are a suitable landlord furniture pack supplier for your venture.


Stylish leather sofas

Stylish red leather sofaSome say that it’s hard to find Stylish Leather Sofas at affordable prices. Not true. There are a selection of fine sofas out there, you just have to know where to look.

Read on for our articles that should point you in the right direction!