New ‘Signature’ Leather Sofas

We have 4 stunning new leather sofa models to add to our Signature collection and shall join our already popular Winchester leather sofa. With two of the models available in all four Signature colours, midnight black, chocolate brown, cranberry red and natural cream, we really do have plenty of choice available. Our Signature collection sofas are upholstered using a thicker cut of leather on all wearing parts and available in this great new colour range.


Our Longdon leather sofa is available in midnight black, chocolate brown and natural cream. The Longdon features a sweeping armrest which extends right up to the back cushion with impressive stitch work across the arm. For the first time, this sofa uses piping across the edge of the arm rest and across the seat. On the natural cream a contrasting colour is used to highlight the sweep of the arm and to outline its curve.

The Longdon seating is fixed to allow for a pocket sprung unit to be sandwiched inside the sofa and also to stop the seats from slipping and contorting out of place. Also as part of the seating, the base of each seat cushion arches to add to its already stylish design.

Longdon 3 seater settee cream leather sofa



Featuring stylish chrome feet across this range for extra sophistication, our new Edingale suite will suit any home, modern or not. Large cushioned arm rests feature too, allowing you to lay down with plenty of neck support.

Edingale 3 seater settee midnight black leather sofa


Designed with 3 individual seats, the Essington features a slightly higher back rest creating better support for the head and shoulders. Rather than creating a very soft seat where the sitter has no option but to slump in the seat, our Essington leather sofas are a medium to firm seat with pocket sprung seating throughout.

Shown here in cranberry red leather, this traditional sofa has no problem packing a punch in any lounge area. It’s large cushioned arm rests extend deep into the base of the seat providing extra padding on these two outside seats.

Essington 3 seater settee cranberry red leather sofa


With contemporary styling and ultra-modern chrome tubular feet, our Stanton leather sofas will really add a statement to your living room. The back cushions are deeply filled with dense fibre as opposed to foam to create a soft supportive cushion and with its horizontal stitch lines, echo a retro feel.

The Stanton’s arm rests are foam filled to create a comfortable padded end to the sofa. The padded arm rests act as a border, neatly surrounding the leather match upholstered centre and features a curved stitch line on the facing side.

Complete with pocket sprung seating, the Stanton range offers a medium to firm seat with the perfect amount of support needed. Shown here in cranberry red leather, our Stanton sofa with its contemporary style easily turns a drab looking lounge into a bright, enjoyable space.

Stanton 3 seater settee cranberry red leather sofa


Comparing Recliner Sofas

We’ve a great choice of leather recliner sofas in stock at the moment and in a variety of colours to suit most people. Our black leather recliners are proving to be the most popular colour with our dark brown recliners close behind. In the new year we’ll see a range of vibrant red leather recliners for those with a more adventurous streak and a rich cowhide leather recliner range.

Having recently extended our range of recliner sofas to include the Aberdeen and Dundee, we’ve built up a recliner collection which will hopefully appeal to more customers. We’re always looking to offer styles which our customers desire and we’ll be also be bringing new models in 2013 to suit the current trends.

Aberdeen recliner sofa

Our Aberdeen reclining sofa currently available as a brown, black and cream leather recliner features a one piece foot rest and contemporary oversized back cushion. The elongated head rest provides endless comfort and support for the head and shoulders. If you need that little bit of back support, the Aberdeen also gives modest lumber support to offer a comfortable seating position when sat for a long time.

A design feature of the Aberdeen recliner sofa is the large seating area which extends down to form the one piece footrest. When in its reclined position, the Aberdeen’s whole bottom section lifts which creates a very wide area in which to rest your feet. If you’re after even more comfort, the Aberdeen can recline into its third stage where the back section falls back while the entire frame shifts forwards without needing to leave space behind the sofa and the wall.

Dundee recliner sofa

The second new addition to our reclining sofa collection is our Dundee recliner. The main feature of our Dundee is the extensive stich lines on both the back cushions and seating area. A quilted back rest creates a comfy padded feel and oozes character which would take pride of place in the modern family home.

Again with a one piece foot rest, the Dundee reclining sofa extends its padded seat all the way down to the base of the sofa and is split between three pocket sprung seats. Both outside seats recline fully to create an almost horizontal position which is perfect if you’re after 40 winks and is controlled by two hinges either side of the sofa.

Both outside seats are slightly wider than the middle seat maximising seating space for the more heavily used sides. The Dundee reclining sofa is a great recliner overall with a high build quality which can be seen across all of our reclining suites.

Reclining sofa range

Our entire reclining sofa collection is designed and built to be long lasting and to withstand modern day family use. All of the recliners feature a metal construction to the base section which is guaranteed for 12 months and protects you against any manufacturing defect.

Its Official, Our Sofas Really Do Have the X Factor!

x factor sutton leather sofas simply stylish sofas

We were asked recently by the Thames TV production team to supply sofas for the X Factor final show this year. It was our Sutton leather sofas which were chosen and were to be used in the judge’s dressing rooms. Our Sutton leather sofas feature contemporary chrome legs and clean box shape armrests and the production team saw this model in particular as having the ‘X’ factor.

The television show which has now just completed its 9th series was judged by Gary Barlow, Louie Walsh, and Nicole Scherzinger. We’re very happy in knowing that our sofas were used and hopefully the judges just like our customers found the sofas comfy to sit on.

Our fabric and leather sofas have been used for lots of different purposes and in lots of different environments. This is the first time our sofas will be appearing on a television programme and possibly seen on TV.

We’re very proud to have our sofas chosen for use on the X Factor and it’s very exciting to have helped out with one of the nation’s favourite shows.

james arthur x factor sutton leather sofas


Gloucester Fabric Sofa Bed

We are proud to present our Gloucester fabric sofa bed to our 2013 collection. The Gloucester’s simple clean lines and neutral colours mean this functional item of furniture will sit well in most interiors and also allow the option of adding your own scatter cushions to perfectly complement your living space.

The Gloucester is a 2 seater fabric sofa featuring a pull-out metal action 4ft bed, topped with a foam filled mattress, perfect for the occasional guest and for everyday use as a sofa. Available now in two colours, a rich dark brown and lighter cream.

We will be introducing a 3 seater ‘fixed’ sofa to the Gloucester sofa bed range early in the new year along with more colour options and finishes.

Winchester Leather Sofas Part of Our New Signature Sofa Collection

We are proud to present our new Winchester leather sofas. The Winchester is part of our new Signature collection which offers larger framed models for those with extra living room space whilst remaining competitively priced. Upholstered using a premium thicker cut to our standard sofas, our Signature collection is available in a choice of three rich shades as seen in high street stores such as DFS sofas.

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Fabric Sofa Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of fabric sofas?

A fabric sofa is a very versatile item of furniture. One of the main benefits of fabric over leather is the endless numbers of finishes, colours and patterns that are available. Leather sofas are generally only available in a single solid colour so you may be a little limited in terms of interior design. Many people also find fabric sofas more suitable in both either warmer or cooler temperatures. Leather can feel cold against the skin in a cooler environment and also a little sticky in warmer weather. Temperature does not really effect fabric sofas in the same way.

 Are fabric sofas difficult to clean?

Against contrary belief fabric sofas aren’t difficult to clean and care for, they just require a different approach to a leather sofa. Everyday dirt and dust can be vacuumed off the surface on a regular basis and any spillages should be dealt with quickly to avoid liquids seeping into the fabric. Deeper or tougher stains can be removed using specialist cleaning products.  Fabric sofas can also be protected using products such as scotch guard, when applied these leave an invisible membrane on the surface of the sofa which makes them easier to clean and protects against spills and stains.

Some fabric sofas are also available with removable machine washable covers meaning you can clean your sofas to a very high standard without enlisting the help of a professional.

 What is the best type of fabric?

There are many different types of fabric available, all having their own characteristics and qualities.  There is no best type of fabric, it really depends on personal choice and which type suits you and your needs the best. Before parting with your money it is worth considering who will be using the sofas, what other item of furniture you have in the room etc. so that you can know which qualities to look for.

 Are fabric sofas durable?

Some fabric sofas can be very durable and some can be not so durable, it really depends on the construction and materials used in their manufacture. If you are looking for sofas that will last, as a minimum you should buy sofas with a reinforced hardwood frame and pocket sprung seat cushions, lower quality components will not last as long. Also be careful in your choice of fabric, raised fabrics such as cord type materials can wear quicker than flatter variants.

 Where is the best place to buy fabric sofas?

Whether you buy sofas online or on the high street it is always advisable to test the sofas out beforehand. Many online sofa retailers will have showrooms where you can view the sofas or offer a try before you buy service. It is always advisable to shop around to get the best range of choice and the best deal on your new fabric sofa.

How to Find a Comfortable Sofa

Finding a comfortable sofa is much more important than choosing a sofa based on looks alone. A sofa may look ultra cool and match your interior perfectly but if it is uncomfortable to sit on you may have wasted your money and regret your choice. The way sofas are manufactured and the materials and components used varies greatly amongst different models, some have ultra soft and deep seats that you sink into whilst others have firmer seat cushions. Some people prefer fabric sofas compared to leather sofas, what it really comes down to is personal choice. Here are a few tips which should help you find your perfect comfy sofa.

Try before you buy sofas

Its not always possible to try before you buy especially if you buy sofas online or from a catalogue. It is impossible to gauge the comfort of a sofa by looking at a picture alone. Many online retailers will also have a presence on the high street or offer some kind of try before you buy service, if the opportunity is there always take it, this can save the hassle of returning an uncomfortable suite.

Choose the right type of seat cushion / suspension

There are various different types of seat suspension, all offering different levels of comfort and support. The most basic seat set up is foam filled on a wooden base, these do not offer the level of support and comfort that can be found in sprung units and are known to sag over time as the foam compresses. Seats that incorporate a sprung base beneath a layer of foam have a better ability to spring back to their original shape and also offer better support. The best type of suspension system is pocket sprung. A series of springs housed in individual cloth pockets sit beneath a layer of usually a high density foam. Pocket springs are very supportive and also durable, pocket springs are usually associated with comfortable sofas.

Try a lumbar support

Lumbar supports are great for both comfort and an increased level of support for the lower back. A lumbar support is a moulded bump to the base of the back cushion that follows the contours of the back in line with the natural curvature of the spine. Lumbar supports are great for people with back problems and may prove to be a more comfortable sofa than one that has a flat back cushion.

Add scatter cushions

Scatter cushions are a cheap and easy way to help make a comfy sofa, positioning a cushion on your lower back can act as a lumbar support or placing one under your arm or head can help support your body and increase your level o0f comfort.

Shop around for your sofa and try as many different models as possible to ensure  you find the best sofa to suit you, ultimately what you are looking for is a comfortable sofa that also looks the part.


Buying a Small Leather Sofa

Buying a small leather sofa may be the only choice for people with limited space and don’t have the option of purchasing a traditional 3 piece suite. Generally a small leather sofa will be in the form of a 2 seater. A compact sofa such as 2 seater leather sofa would be perfect for use in a small studio apartment or country cottage where a larger 3 seater sofa may be too bulky or be restrictive on space and movement around the living space, there are a few considerations to bear in mind when shopping around for a small leather sofa.

Will the sofa fit

If you are really restricted for space, carefully check all of the dimensions, in particular the width and the depth of the sofa. Not only should you ensure that the sofa will sit comfortably in the room without being overpowering, you should also make sure the sofa will actually fit through any doors and passageways. Returning sofas can be a hassle with costs for restocking and returning commonplace amongst sellers. Small leather sofas are often available with removable feet and backs rests, making them particularly suitable for tight deliveries and access ways.

Will the sofa be big enough

Even if you are specifically searching for a small sofa, you do not want to make a mistake of purchasing a model that is too small. If it is likely two people will be using the sofa at any one time there is no point in buying one on which you will feel cramped, if possible always try out a sofa beforehand with a friend to see ho it will feel when in use by two people. Failing this check the dimensions of the seating width and depth and then if possible compare to an existing sofa. The arm width on sofas does vary greatly between different models, if space is tight it would be worth considering a sofa that featured thinner arms therefore maximising the seating area. Sofas with big chunky arms are great if you have the space but if not they can limit the seating space on a smaller sofa. It may be an idea if you have the space to purchase a matching footstool, these can double up as an extra seat and can also feature an ottoman storage space, perfect for tidying away any clutter.

Will I be able to add matching sofas / Items at a later date?

If there is a chance you may like to add a further sofa or accessory such as a footstool to your existing sofa, it is worth checking at the point of sale the likelihood of matching items being available at a later date. Some outlets change their entire range every season whilst others keep the same range for a few years at a time. As  your lifestyle requirements change over time your furniture requirements may also change.

Buying a new sofa, even if it is a single two seater is a big investment so making sure you choose the right one for your home is crucial to avoid disappointment plan carefully by measuring up and shopping around and you can find the perfect small leather sofa.

How to Buy Sofas Online

Many shoppers are wondering how to buy sofas online. With the popularity of internet shopping on the increase and competition between online sellers also on the rise there are great bargains to be had. With emerging technology and better designed websites it has never been easier to purchase sofas on the web, however there are a few drawbacks. The main disadvantage is that in most cases you cannot see or try out the sofas beforehand, it can be difficult to appreciate the true colour and tone of a leather sofa from an image alone and also ascertain the comfort and feel of a sofa through descriptions and text only.

There are however a few steps that you can take before committing to buy that will increase the chances of selecting the right sofa for you, in terms of style, colour and comfort. With a little planning and time taken at the early stages of the buying process you can hopefully avoid any of the pitfalls when you choose to buy sofas online.

Information is Key

Try and gather as much information as possible whether it be information that is on a website or by communicating with a salesperson either on the phone, via email or an online chat facility. Always  take into account dimensions, build components such as frame and seat type as well as colour options. Many sellers of leather sofas will provide swatch samples upon request, these are crucial if you are trying to match your new sofas with other items of furniture you already own or are planning to buy.

Shop around

It is much easier to compare different models if you are buying sofas online, instead of travelling from shop to shop it is easy to have two or more websites open and have all of the information to hand making comparisons between different sofas easy and quick. Many websites also offer special offers including price match, with the market for selling leather sofas online so competitive you can in most cases negotiate a better deal, don’t be afraid to ask for a discount, if it means the seller will get the sale rather than a competitor they will in a lot of cases be willing to oblige.

Check the seller’s returns policy

However much research and time you spend making sure you purchase the right leather suite you can never guarantee 100% that the leather suite will be exactly what you are looking for. Always make yourself familiar with the sellers returns policy, if in the instance you want to return your new leather sofas you do not want to discover there are massive hidden charges for restocking and collecting the suite, although most companies will have some fees that apply to returning goods the difference in price can vary hugely from seller to seller.

Try on the high street and buy sofas online

The perfect situation when buying online is to try the sofas on the high street and then buy sofas online, although many of the larger high street stores will stock exclusive sofa collections many sellers who buy from UK wholesalers will sell the same stock in their shops that can be found elsewhere online. If you are lucky enough to find the exact sofas on the web for cheaper you will have the best of both worlds, you will have had the opportunity to try the sofas out before committing to buy and get the better price associated with when you buy sofas online.

Landlord furniture packs

Many rental property owners often turn to Landlord Furniture Packs as a way of saving time and money when furnishing new investments or re-furnishing existing properties. Developing and managing even a small portfolio of rental properties can be very time consuming as well as costly. There are many specialist companies who can offer a bespoke service whether it be  a couple of items of furniture they are supplying, a bed and sofa maybe all the way up to the other end of the scale whereby a whole property is furnished from top to bottom.

Whether you are furnishing a single small flat or a development of hundreds of properties there are many benefits of using landlord furniture packs.

Time saving

Rather than shopping around and acquiring different items of furniture from a number of different suppliers and outlets, a furniture pack for landlords arrangement means that all furniture is sourced from generally one or two specialist sources. All items are in most cases delivered at the same time meaning you are not having to wait around for all of your furniture to arrive. Dealing with one or two suppliers is also a lot easier to manage in the long run. If you have to meet a strict deadline a landlord furniture pack could be a blessing.

Best price

Furniture pack providers can also offer better rates for buying a large range of items in bulk. They will also have good relationships with a wide range of furniture wholesalers ensuring that they too get a good price. In general, the more you buy the better bargaining power you have to get the best possible price.

Installation service

Most landlord furniture pack service providers will also offer a complete installation service if required including such aspects as, unpacking furniture and removal of packaging, putting together flat packed furniture and disposal of old items of furniture.

Impartial Advice

Landlord furniture suppliers can be a great source of information and advice. Furnishing properties on a day to day basis they can often provide expert guidance as to what type of furniture would be best suited to a particular property for the available budget that you have.

Finding a landlord furniture pack supplier

A simple internet search should point you in the direction of a large number of furniture pack providers. It is advisable to shop around to get the best deal, this is usually undertaken by way of a tender process, whereby a document is produced detailing the products required along with timescales and other services required it is then the suppliers responsibility to provide a best price. This process is most advisable if it is the first time using a landlord furniture pack supplier as without prior knowledge you can find there is a great variance in price amongst different suppliers. It is also good practice if contacting a new supplier to ask for references of other clients and details of previous jobs to ascertain whether they are a suitable landlord furniture pack supplier for your venture.